Board Development

Boards are significant in the planning of the future for nonprofits as they are responsible for driving the mission and vision of the organization through strategy and key policies.

  Board members need training to learn about the organization, its members and its needs so they have knowledge that is comprehensive and well-rounded. Getting training in parliamentary procedure provides opportunities for board members to better understand voting procedures and other important matters. When board members know what they are liable for, they will act as responsible members of the board and help prevent liability issues for the organization and themselves. Developing an efficient board is important to your organization and begins with orienting and training each member in addition to observing their strengths and weaknesses.

Your members and benefactors will want some assurance that your board is diverse and represents differing perspectives and points of view. You’ll do a disservice to your board if you overlook potential board members who are young, speak English as a second language, or are women or other minorities.

 Large organizations may opt to form a board development committee that is responsible for bringing board development plans and ideas back to the full board for review. Your nonprofit organization should hold a strategic planning meeting every one to two years. Getting some training will help it go more smoothly.

 An effective board can provide a foundation for the mission of the organization and a framework of expectations that make it possible for the management, staff, and volunteers to focus upon the day-to-day tasks of making that mission a reality

Board members ensure that leadership, resources, and finances all line up with the organization’s vision.

When board members acknowledge what is expected of them as a representative of the board and are willing to be mentored or trained, the board has the potential to become even more efficient.

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