First Time Home Buyer Services

This course will cover valuable information about the home buying and mortgage process. Buying a home can be more complicated than renting an apartment or a house. Homeownership is a long term financial commitment and a weighty responsibility. First time buyers who seek counseling are less likely to face default or foreclosure if they complete this education.

If you want to be a responsible homebuyer in today’s market you need to make sure you have a solid plan in place for financing a new home to avoid financial hardship. First time home buyers should be knowledgeable in budgeting, shopping for a mortgage, credit, home inspections, insurance, real estate agents and closing the deal. Being a smart consumer can save you more money in the long run.

As you start looking and begin the home purchasing process, make sure not to buy beyond your means; this is why shopping for a mortgage is so important as they offer different rates. Taking a class before you apply for a mortgage can be especially valuable to people who have credit problems or have never established credit.

A first time homebuyers’ education course provides information on just about every aspect of buying a property from start to finish. Topics covered such as budgeting, credit, shopping for a mortgage, home inspections, insurance, how to work with a real estate agent and the closing process can all help borrowers make better choices to achieve housing and financial stability. By going through this course, and consulting with a counselor you’ll learn the good and the bad about ownership, which can help you decide if you’re ready for the responsibility.

This class will help you know how to be prepared. If you’ve never bought a house before a first-time homebuyer class will help you become a smarter consumer and have countless benefits to you.

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