Trucking Authority

Trucking authority (also known as operating authority or motor carrier authority) is permission from the government to get paid to haul freight.  In the trucking industry having your own authority means greater profit by cutting the middleman or third party out. A trucking authority will also allow you to not be tied down to one carrier and keep your options open. 

It is important to first figure out what kind of authority you need. Some carriers will need multiple authorities to cover multiple types of cargo. Authority is based on the cargo being carried, and some carriers need multiple authorities to cover multiple types of cargo. The different types of authority will affect the type of insurance you will need to meet the requirements of the FMCSA so make sure to carefully select only the type of operating authority relevant to the business and read the instructions before filing. There are two main types of authority to choose from. Motor Carrier of Property is one and requires proof of public liability and cargo insurance. The second one is Motor  Carrier of Household Goods which doesn’t require insurance. There are more specific authorities but usually they will lie in either of these categories.

In order to get your authority the FMCSA requires you to provide proof of insurance that you have liability coverage. It takes about 5 to 7 weeks to complete your MC authority, including federal and state. Make sure to Have at least 60 days of extra cash set aside to cover operating costs. Over time, you could have multiple trucks and drivers. It also means you’ll be responsible for finding and negotiating loads. 

 Obtaining your own trucking authority gives you the operational freedom to choose your own loads, schedule and route leading to a more efficient income-generating business.

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